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ISEET-2013 syllabus

ISEET-2013 syllabus and pattern (proposed)


About ISEET(IIt-jee+AIEEE)---Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test
The HRD Ministry(Government of India) is all set to go ahead with its plan to conduct a common engineering entrance examination from 2013, but the first nation-wide test may only cover technical institutions funded by the Central gov..
IIT-JEE and AIEEE — for long the gateways to India’s top engineering colleges including the IITs and NITs— is all set to be replaced by a comman entrance test to be called as ISEET - Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test. The introduction of this test is expected to help do away with multiple entrance examinations and thereby reduce the stress levels of students.
ISEET Test Pattern (Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test):
ISEET will have two papers on the same day:
ISEET Paper-I:
  • Duration of ISEET paper-I – 3 hours
  • Paper-Test Pattern of ISEET paper-I – AS per NCERT IX and XII syllabus
  • Areas Tested at ISEET:Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
  • Weightage to ISEET paper-I: 30% minimum
  • Duration of ISEET Paper-II-3 hours.
  • Paper-Test Pattern of ISEET Paper-II – AS per NCERT IX and XII syllabus
  • Areas Tested at ISEET:Problem Solving Ability in Basic Science Subjects
  • Weightage for ISEET paper-II: 30% minimum
  • The two tests ISEET-I and ISEET-II together will indicate a candidate’s scholastic level and aptitude for science and engineering.
The Selection Process from ISEET (Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test):
A student’s score in the Class 12 Board exam will be considered, with the weightage not less than 40 per cent of the total score. The combined weight for ISEET-I and ISEET-II will not be more than 60 per cent; however, the weightage given to Board scores can go up to 100 per cent.
Each state government or institute will be able to decide the specific weightage it gives to Board, ISEET-I and ISEET-IIexam/test scores. A committee headed by Dr T Ramasami, secretary in the Department of Science & Technology, has demonstrated with the help of the Indian Statistical Institute that school scores across various Boards can be normalized through a statistical process.

Parameters for Selection thru ISEET
Percentage weight at ISEET
Weigthage of Board Examination minimum
Weightage of ISEET Paper-I
Weightage of ISEET Paper-II

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